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November '17

A special thanks to our guest blogger: Julia Stamp from Studocu.


Australia is known for its lush landscapes, salty beaches and laid back-vibe. What some may not know is that Australia is also a University powerhouse, with many of it's schools ranking top in the world. Choosing where to begin your degree is no easy task. It's important to choose a University that can offer the most resources and opportunities for success after your studies. Here are the top degrees offered by Australia's leading Universities.

Australian National University

Australian National University

ANU is ranked 20th best University in the world. It's politics and international studies degree is the best in Australia and ranks 6th best worldwide. They are known for a strong academic reputation, with their research scoring extremely high citations per faculty rates.


• Politics and International Studies

• Geography

• Marine Sciences

• Agriculture and Forestry


University of Sydney

U of Sydney is ranked best University in Australia for graduate employability and offers the widest range of disciplines.With over 400 areas to choose from, there is room for everyone to find their path (and a job afterwards!).


• English Language and Literature

• Medicine

• Veterinary Sciences

• Sports and Exercise Sciences


RMIT University

RMIT is a global University of technology and design and offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational degrees. They have 3 campuses, two of which are in Vietnam, and international partners in countries such as Singapore, Sri Lanka, Spain, Germany, and China.


• Art and Design


University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales

U of New South Wales is one of the world's leading research Universities with over 4,300 researchers among their faculty. They are part of many global associations, including the Global Alliance of Technological Universities in which they are the only Australian partner.


• Civil & Structural Engineering

• Psychology


University of Melbourne

U of Melbourne is ranked 41st in the world, and that's not without reason. They offer over 80 different study specializations, and ranked 5th in the working for leading education by training. They also have an extremely high employability rating. Their engineering programs rank among the best in the world.


• Electrical & mechanical Engineering

• Business and management

• Law

• Education

• Performing Arts


Griffith University

Griffith U is a relatively young University with a fresh new perspective on education. They challenge conventions and take pride in their innovating teaching and pioneering research. They are the first to offer degrees in a range of topics, such as Asian studies.


• Hospitality and Leisure Management


Monash University

Monash UniversityMonash U is the largest in Australia. It is a recognized world leader in research, with active research in over 150 fields across 10 faculties. They have a global vision, with 100 partner institutions across the globe where students can enrich their degree.


• Pharmacy & Pharmacology

• Chemistry

• Theology and Religious Studies


University of Queensland

U of Queensland is one of the world's top 50 Universities, having maintained a global reputation for positive change and leadership. Their mining and mineral engineering degree program is ranked 3rd globally.


• Environmental Sciences

• Computer Science & Information Systems

• Mining and Mineral Engineering


Written by Julia Stamp

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