Getting a response from an email/LinkedIn message

November '17

Here's a quick post of something I originally posted on LinkedIn. I've been doing it for the last year when trying to contact someone in an industry/role that I want to speak to.


An old Email/LinkedIn message from me:


"I’d love to catch up for a coffee and pick your brain and find out more about pursuing a career in X (industry or job role). Can we arrange a time to chat?"


Vs New Email/LinkedIn message:


"I’m trying to discover more about X and I’d love to hear your thoughts: What’s the one key skill someone needs in order to be successful in X?"


The first message requires a fair investment from the recipient. It might work, but the second method is far easier for someone busy to respond to. Plus, it's an area they will be proud to answer.


If they reply, you still have yourself a conversation.




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