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June '18

We are writing an attention-grabbing title in order to make sure we can connect with as many potential psychology students as possible. 


If you plan on studying to become a Psychologist, PLEASE BE AWARE that Psychology is regulated in Australia (like medicine and law). To become a registered, practising clinical psychologist, a minimum of 6 years of study is required (Australian Psychology Society).


study101 has around 95 reviews for Psychology degrees


These include:

  • Bachelor of Psychology

  • Double degrees

  • Arts majoring in Psychology

  • Science majoring in Psychology

  • Psychological Science

  • Social Science

  • Behavioural Science

  • Diplomas

  • Masters

  • Honours majoring in Psychology


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Psychology Reviews


We have received several comments in our reviews by students who weren't aware either initially, or up until their final year, that additional study on top of their undergrad is required to become a fully-qualified Psychologist. 


We also get feedback that Psychology degrees are intense, technical, involve maths and have a large workload. We also hear that entry and therefore places for honours and masters programs can be very competitive (with sometimes limited places on offer), so you need to set yourself up to succeed early or consider alternatives before finishing.


Pathways to become a Psychologist:


  1. Completion of a 3-year undergraduate degree approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council

  2. Fourth year accredited psychology studies (Honours/Postgrad Diploma)

  3. A further 2 years (minimum) of either Postgraduate study, Board approved internship or a combination of Postgraduate study and Board approved internship


Once the above has been completed, you may fully register as a professional Psychologist (more info here).


Alternative areas


Having clarified the above, there are still career options for those who do not wish to continue the Psychology stream further after the 3-year undergraduate degree and are keen to pursue a career related to psychology and human behaviour.


  • Business (HR, recruitment, organisational psychology)

  • Community (support, development)

  • Marketing

  • Social research

  • Program, policy and research support

  • Human services

  • Student services

  • General management



If you're looking at a Psychology course and not sure, please ask the provider for clarification. If you have a friend who's looking to study psychology, perhaps point this out to them. Our hope is that future students know where their study is taking them so that their path is clear and that they can plan adequately for the future.  


Long road to be a Psychologist


If any of this information needs to be explained or clarified further (and your professionally in a position to do so), please let me know - andy [at] study101 [dot] com. I'm happy to make appropriate corrections.

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