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Australian Catholic University - ACU ratings

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More about Australian Catholic University

Australia Catholic University or ACU, has 7 campuses in total across Australia. Sydney has two (North Sydney & Strathfield), then there's Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane and Canberra.

The majority of our Australia Catholic University reviews come from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane campuses but the courses are diverse. These include teaching/education, health (paramedicine, nursing, physiotherapy), business, arts & law.

Here are some general insights of the uni, based on student reviews:
For courses with placements, the placements can be incredibly beneficial, but be prepared to travel for them and try to organise them as early as you can;
Try to make a good impression if you're on placement;
Be prepared for the study load required, so manage your time (particularly for education, law and health courses);
Ask questions and get help from lecturers and other students;

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Positives: Helped me see it wasn’t what I thought I wanted to do

Negatives: For me personally it didn’t make me want to complete my course

My advice to future students is: Make sure Uni is really something you want to do, not feel obliged to do, and look at how much overall the course will cost you

Completed in 2006

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Positives: - Hands on learning enabling Practical Application
- Forced attendance to most classes means no desire to skip on a day you cant be bothered
- Enjoyable content that's relatable for future careers

Negatives: The business side of my course could be more organized.

Not a whole lot of continuity. Subjects always changing year to year so different years are run differently

My advice to future students is: Work hard at the course to get the most out of it

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The course provided me fundamental professional development as a practicing teacher. It allowed me to also further network with industry professionals and conduct important research which was vital to student learning outcomes

Negatives: The course had rigid subject selection and there were no choices for electives. The course also had compulsory lecture/seminar dates which as a course for practicing teachers, was not ideal.

My advice to future students is: Potential students should consider this subject should they wish to further advance their career progression, improve student learning outcomes and/or receive professional development regarding contemporary leadership in education.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Clinical placements throughout the semester and longer placements in third year to consolidate learning. Being able to experience hands on in the clinical setting to implement theory to practice

Negatives: Some units can be more related to the course

My advice to future students is: Search the course and enquirer the amount of clinical practice offered and the units specific to the course

Completed in 2014

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Positives: Positive aspects are that it really goes in depth with the content of what you are teaching students. You learn how to write a good lesson plan and all of the psychology behind the developmental stages of children.

Negatives: Negative aspects include the length of time (4 years) but not a lot of practical time. No prac in first year a 2 week prac in second year, 3 week prac in 3rd year and a 6 week prac in 4th year, not a whole lot of real world experience! Also very heavy work load, 5 subjects a semester.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you research what subjects you will be learning and are prepared for the study load uni brings, its a lot of work if you want to succeed even though it seems like you have a lot of freedom to do nothing 🙈

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The placement we receive for the practical units, the lab classes for practise

Negatives: Weekly group questions, being only given one lecture to attend and not being able to due to being busy, when assignments aren’t explained fully

My advice to future students is: If you don’t understand something in the unit/course Ask some immediately and don’t leave it to last minute ALSO don’t study something if you don’t enjoy it

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Tutorials generally consist of a maximum of 30 students which I find beneficial to get to know your teacher and in terms of seeking support from the lecture in charge of a unit they have been quite helpful.

Negatives: Having done a diploma of nursing and fast forwarding to the 2nd year of the Bachelor, I felt quite lost at the start as I wasn’t familiar on how certain things ran which I had to learn in time and seeking help from other students

My advice to future students is: Time management

Completed in 2018

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Positives: It’s very practical, we work in simulation labs and for the most part, teaching stuff are incredibly dedicated and genuinely want you to succeed

Negatives: There have been some teachers that simply haven’t provided good quality teaching, and our feedback surveys to the university seems to be pointless. Past papers and assessments aren’t easily accessible and assignment tasks aren’t properly discussed. Feedback on our work also usually isn’t timely.

My advice to future students is: Ask as many questions as you can, send as many emails as you can. Remember you are PAYING to study here — get your moneys worth

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Students and some units are super interesting

Negatives: Some teachers can’t do communicate properly in English, assignments aren’t set out well and hardly give assignments back by the turn around date, some subjects could only be a couple of weeks through a more interesting unit?

My advice to future students is: That a psyc degree is 6 years not 3 and honours is competitive to get into

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Flexible hours, professional lecturers

Negatives: Large amount of content, exams

My advice to future students is: Work consistently, have a good work ethic

Completed in 2015

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