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Course Description

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to produce knowledgeable, articulate and innovative graduates recognised by their skills to think systematically and critically, gather and evaluate evidence from many and diverse sources, communicate clearly, and apply ethical principles to decision making for a variety of professions and industries.

The three-year program offers specialisations and the choice of more than 20 majors and minors in the humanities, social sciences and visual arts to encourage students to design their own academic program to reflect their intellectual interests and career aspirations.


Business Studies
Education Studies
Study of Religions
Theological Studies
Visual Arts

Additional Information

Community Engagement and the Civic Professional: Students in the Bachelor of Arts course are required to complete a Community Engagement and the Ci...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Arts Australian Catholic University - ACU based on 2 reviews
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Student Reviews

June 2018
Year completed 2014

I majored in media & communications.

Positives: The teachers were pretty good. The lessons we were taught were quite valuable. There was a lot of practical work which is great for people who learn by doing.

Negatives: There was not much of a social scene in the course or the uni itself. Not to say people weren't nice bu...

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May 2018
Year completed 2015

The first thing that grabbed me about this particular course was its subject offerings. I was looking for Arts and Sciences, with particular interest in Psychology, Youth Work (counselling, social work, ethical research, etc.) and Drama. This university was the only institution in central Melbourne that offered both of these ...

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