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Australian Catholic University - ACU ratings

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More about Australian Catholic University

Australia Catholic University or ACU, has 7 campuses in total across Australia. Sydney has two (North Sydney & Strathfield), then there's Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane and Canberra.

The majority of our Australia Catholic University reviews come from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane campuses but the courses are diverse. These include teaching/education, health (paramedicine, nursing, physiotherapy), business, arts & law.

Here are some general insights of the uni, based on student reviews:
For courses with placements, the placements can be incredibly beneficial, but be prepared to travel for them and try to organise them as early as you can;
Try to make a good impression if you're on placement;
Be prepared for the study load required, so manage your time (particularly for education, law and health courses);
Ask questions and get help from lecturers and other students;

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Positive - if you want to work for the Catholic school system - getting a teaching degree at this university will definitely get you into this system much easier. No negatives

My advice to future students is: If you want to teach religion - do all of the religious electives

Completed in 2008

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The first year can be a bit scary (what did I get myself into?!) but hang in there if this is really what you want to do.

Placements begin from year 2 and I felt my attitude changed as I felt that I was really on the right path. The lecturers and tutors seem to engage much differently with you as a student which makes the experience really motivating.

This course will prepare you for student life. Some subjects are Catholic accredited which can increase the scope of job applications.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you want to be a teacher; make sure you plan ahead and stay organised; embrace every opportunity that comes your way - particularly placements.

Completed in 2019

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Positives are that I learn to teach primary aged children and gain qualifications to teach in Christian private schools which opens up my job opportunities!

Negatives are that it is 4 years - I think it could be fit into 3 and we don't get a prac until second year so it is important to really know you want to be a teacher.

My advice to future students is: Advice I would offer is to be absolutely certain that you enroll in a degree that is absolutely what you have a passion for. Uni seems like it has a lot of freedom but there is still actually so much work involved and so many hours you have to commit!

Completed in 2019

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Positives: I know that it will get me into the job that I want in the future and I enjoy it

Negatives: Nothing to do with the course, just that I live away from home and don’t get to see family much

My advice to future students is: To just follow what they want to do and if they keep focus, they will get there

Completing in 2022

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Positives: I’ve met so many people who love doing what I want to do. The work is challenging but informative. Everyone is there to help you achieve your best

Negatives: There are unrealistic due dates set for assignments, the assignments can sometimes feel pointless as it is of a topic you wouldn’t normally be teaching

My advice to future students is: Start everything the minute you get it otherwise it can become very overwhelming and stressful very quickly. Put all your effort in as this is your future job you are preparing for. A half assed job will only affect you in the end

Completing in 2020

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Positives: I liked that most of the lecturers were experienced teachers and not just academic. This allowed the students to have a better insight

Negatives: Bare minimum practice experience. There was not enough time in a classroom

My advice to future students is: Get into a part time job with kids at the same time to make sure that you actually like working with kids

Completed in 2016

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Positives: This course provides an excellent pathway to teaching in both government and Catholic schools. The lecturers/tutors have many years experience in which they share their knowledge and vital aspects of the teaching profession. This course provides excellent teaching round experiences in which one can develop one's knowledge and skills as a teacher which culminated in undertaking teaching experience for several weeks at the end of the course.

Negatives: I struggle to think of many negative aspects for this course. At the time of undertaking the course it did seem apparent that at times the university was prepared to pass students who did not have the adequate literacy skills to teach at the primary level.

My advice to future students is: I think the biggest piece of advice that I could provide is to ensure you go beyond merely undertaking the course to prepare yourself for the teaching profession. I would highly recommend participating in some volunteer/professional employment where you gain further experience in working with children.

Completed in 2012

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Positives: I like that we have practicums starting first year and that let's us experience what it's like early on

Negatives: We dont really learn things that help us. The practical aspects help more than uni courses

My advice to future students is: Try hard at uni!! It DOES matter

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The campus itself is relatively small in comparison to other universities, therefore class sizes are small and you have the opportunity to discuss topics thoroughly to ensure your understanding. The course has recently changed and now offers you longer professional experience blocks than the previous degree giving you more time in classrooms to gain experience and an insight into the day to day life of teaching. All my teachers have been great communicators and always respond to emails etc. the course gives you the opportunity to choose elective specialist subjects including religion, science, are and music giving you the opportunity to direct your learning in the path you choose to take.

Negatives: Given the size of the Uni there is not a huge range of tutorial/lecture times. Most units only have 1 lecture and this often does not fall on the same day as any of the tutorials for the lecture.

My advice to future students is: Do your research. Look at the Uni’s conversion rate of graduates becoming employed and the Uni’s fees also. These are the two big things I wish I knew when looking at Uni’s. Fortunately both of these are a positive at ACU for education. I would also decide whether or not you want Catholic accreditation before choosing a Uni as it can be very costly to go back and get it later if you decide you want it.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Positive aspects are that it really goes in depth with the content of what you are teaching students. You learn how to write a good lesson plan and all of the psychology behind the developmental stages of children.

Negatives: Negative aspects include the length of time (4 years) but not a lot of practical time. No prac in first year a 2 week prac in second year, 3 week prac in 3rd year and a 6 week prac in 4th year, not a whole lot of real world experience! Also very heavy work load, 5 subjects a semester.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you research what subjects you will be learning and are prepared for the study load uni brings, its a lot of work if you want to succeed even though it seems like you have a lot of freedom to do nothing 🙈

Completed in 2019

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