Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

2.0 out of 5 from 1 review
Advanced Diploma
1.5 years Part-Time
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Course Description

Organisations in every industry are looking for individuals with the right management capabilities and real leadership potential. That’s why this comprehensive qualification is designed to enhance your key skills and knowledge as a manager while providing you with the expert insights you need to become an effective leader. You’ll learn to apply appropriate judgment and initiative in order to respond to complex situations and deliver consistent results, no matter which organisation you work for or the industry you’re in. You’ll also develop the vital cognitive and communication skills that will allow you to analyse information from a variety of sources and effectively communicate that knowledge to your team members and colleagues as well as your superiors and senior leaders.


Average ratings for Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Australian Institute of Management (AIM) based on 1 review
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Student Reviews

March 2018
Year completed 2015

Positive: It could be completed quicker than the advertised time.
Negative: unprofessional staff, resources were old and outdated, no assistance provided. Students left in the dark to work things out themselves

My advice to future students is: Do not use AIM

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