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Positives: The course is very interactive. You spend half the day working on theory and half the day on prac. You will meet a ton of new people from all different cultures and get placed with a different partner(s) each class. This enables to learn different styled workouts and teaches you to tailor your workouts to your client more effectively. It's a very hands on course and the instructors (overall) are very laid back, helpful, and engaging.

Negatives: The people in the office in Perth, including the director only care about making money. They will find any way to mark you as 'Not Yet Competent' in order to get extra money from you. They charge for resubmissions. If you wish to take make-up classes, even though you're already paying $6k for the course they charge you $100/make up class. If you are more than 15 minutes late for the first 3 hours, you are marked absent for the whole session even if you're there the rest of the day and even if you had an extenuating circumstance. The same is true for the second portion of class for the day. A couple of the instructors are very biased and opinionated. This becomes and issue when submitting final assessments. At lot of times, even if the question is solely opinion based, if its not the instructors opinion, it is wrong- miss too many questions and you are marked 'Not Yet Competent' which results in a $50 resubmission fee.

My advice to future students is: If you do decide to study here, only miss class when you absolutely need to. It is easy to catch up in the course but you can only miss so many classes before being reported. Befriend your instructor. It will make a huge difference on the way they approach you in class and the services they offer you. A lot of them have gyms or connections and are more than willing to help you set yourself up if you're hard working and show interest.

Completed in 2018

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