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The Australian National University (ANU) is located in Acton, Canberra, the capital of Australia.

We have a range of Australian National University reviews from students across a broad range of topics, including Engineering, Commerce, Arts, Health, IT and Sciences.

Based on the student feedback in ANU reviews, here's some advice that they recommend:
Prepare and manage your time, don't procrastinate - it can be really difficult to play catch up;
Utilise the activities and services that ANU provides - personal/self services like mental health, career development and more;
Seek help if you need it - Lecturers and Tutes are there to answer questions;
ANU can be very flexible in degree planning, so try to figure out and choose your major as soon as you can - this may allow you to take up more majors/minors;
Try to find students in later years to ask about their experiences;
Look at SELT reviews;
Look for internships or placements while studying.

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I'm doing this with a Bachelor in Economics as well.

Positives: For Economics, I think that some of the lecturers are really great at explaining concepts. For most classes we get sufficient preparation for exams through tutorial questions and assignments. For International Relations there are some engaged and innovative lecturers out there. One course that I am taking this Sem allows us to pick our own combination of assessment which is really exciting and different.

Negatives: For Economics, a lot of the tutors are unengaged and not particularly good at explaining. For International Relations, a lot of the compulsory courses are very similar in content.

My advice to future students is: If in the degree already: Look at SELT reviews before picking a course. Do SELT Reviews. Read up about the course and talk to people who have done it before when you are choosing courses (unless it is compulsory). If you are planning on studying at ANU: Do thorough research beforehand, talk to people about their experiences.

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