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Positives: I love that I get to get advice directly from actual top researchers

Negatives: Classes can be very demanding, some can be quite poorly run

My advice to future students is: Get your foot in the door, and figure it out from there. ...

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Positives: The facilities are very good for all the courses in the degree. Lecturers and tutors are very excellent in providing information in doing the coursework.

Negatives: Some of the entry courses have a high learning curve requiring the s...

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Positives: Learning on theories and application to be ready in the working life

Negatives: Too much assignments

My advice to future students is: Do your assignments and be patience

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Positives: The facilities provided are quite good

Negatives: They should have wider options of subjects

My advice to future students is: Get to know your passion before deciding on the course

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Positives: useful

Negatives: need lots of information

My advice to future students is: read

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Positives: it is challenging and up-to-date which produces good students

Negatives: some lecturers just teach insufficiently that students could not do better in examinations

My advice to future students is: just be active and not to procras...

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Positives: lecturers explain very well

Negatives: not much practical in engineering courses

My advice to future students is: have to survive by yourself by self studying

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Positives: The course peaks my interest in Psychology and challenges my ability to think deeper than what’s thought in the lectures

Negatives: The assessments could be overbearing at times.

My advice to future students is: Seek help from the...

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I find that the major offered, particularly Renewable Energy system, is a field in engineering that is often overlooked and the fact that it is available in ANU shows how much they care about the environment and the impact it has on future generat...

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Lecturers are straight to the point and concise in slides. The university has many libraries dedicated to business related degrees. The CBE building is perfect for Finance students to go to help desks and has many amenities.

My advice to future...

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