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Positives: They provide us with basic ideas and theories in IR and the tutors are all willing to help us study

Negatives: They are all basic courses so they don’t lead to some specific jobs
Also I’m an exchange student and it’s going to be har...

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I'm doing this with a Bachelor in Economics as well.

Positives: For Economics, I think that some of the lecturers are really great at explaining concepts. For most classes we get sufficient preparation for exams through tutorial questions and a...

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Positives: Very flexible and allows for advanced study options.

Negatives: Workload can be excessive and lack of direction at times.

My advice to future students is: For ambitious students who are interested in areas of studies.

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Positives: I love that I get to get advice directly from actual top researchers

Negatives: Classes can be very demanding, some can be quite poorly run

My advice to future students is: Get your foot in the door, and figure it out from there. ...

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Positives: The course peaks my interest in Psychology and challenges my ability to think deeper than what’s thought in the lectures

Negatives: The assessments could be overbearing at times.

My advice to future students is: Seek help from the...

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The course is too theoretical. It should be more industry focused and practical, relevant to current trends. I think there should be more case studies .

My advice to future students is: Look for an internship or research project in your field

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The structure of intensive classes needs to be reviewed. Four days are not enough to know the subject at a masters level. For international students it becomes challenging to make friends, therefore it becomes lonely. The masters of program should...

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Positives: The student teacher ratio for arts courses are generally quite low compared to business school courses, this enabled me to learn better as the lecturers and tutors have more space and time to address our needs.

Negatives: As ANU is a...

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Positives: Content can be interesting, if you give yourself enough opportunity/time to apply yourself to the assessment. The problem solving assignments are interesting. And you make friends easily because you are all suffering together.


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Positives: In law, you have great lecturers, well structured courses, diversity in courses so it doesn’t seem like you’re always doing the same thing. In security again you have great lecturers and tutors, interesting courses, and the college of a...

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