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Positives: Its diverse with lecturers that are experienced

Negatives: Amount of coursework

My advice to future students is: Be on track with your studies and never neglect them to the last minute

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I'm majoring environmental science.

Positives: Most ENVS courses at ANU offer a positive, inclusive and integrative learning space. Most students are very friendly and come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the lecturers a...

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I'm doing Master of Biotechnology (Advanced).

Positives: The course is a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge with a year of coursework that trains you in all the advanced research techniques in industries and R&D and the basics in t...

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Positives: Interesting topics covered during the course. Lecturers and tutors are helpful in learning process.
Negatives: Involves a lot of alone study hours. Lecture slides are not enough must buy and read textbook for exams.

My advice to fut...

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Workload was doable, staff were helpful, structure was disorganised because staff were changing so I had to overload during my third year, etc. but it was overall doable.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you have good time management ...

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More experiences should be enhanced through this course. The research component of this course is very isolated and less lab work. More lab training should be provided as well.

My advice to future students is: If you want to do research in this...

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It's difficult but it's quite an interesting course. The lecturers are all researches in the fields they teach which makes lesson crazy interesting. Practical super hands on and very helpful in understanding course material.

My advice to future...

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Difficult subjects and very low flexibility but extremely up to date concepts are taught . Amazing research opportunities. Professors are very understanding.

My advice to future students is: All students must focus on their assignments right fr...

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Positives: There is a large variety of classes you can take to meet the requirements of the course which is great for someone looking for breadth in their education. The course offers 8 electives where you can take classes from any colleges in ANU...

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Positives: Good lecturers and course structure
High future employability (healthcare sector)
Many opportunities for experiential/practical learning

Negatives: hectic study load
very stressed at times

My advice to future students is: Study...

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