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Positive - it's an incredibly small cohort so you have the most generous ratio between staff and students. Staff are available to help you one on one when ever you need it - this is very valuable and rare. The staff are also fantastic and have very good contacts and connections which they often invite into the uni as guest lecturers so that we are also able to grow our networks. The students here have a voice - our Architecture Students Association and SONA have an amazing team where they are constantly collaborating with students, staff and the broader university to provide the most valuable culture and experience of uni. We have amazing facilities like laser cutters, workshop with CNC and power tools as well as a massive robot. We are also one of the few universities in the world to get our very own workspace in the building.

Negatives - they are trimesters which means you very rarely get a chance to slow down. This can also be taken as a positive - my degree is 2 years instead of 3 and masters is 1 instead of 2. Because of the trimesters, you don't really get any opportunity for flexibility. There is only one elective course of your own choice. Everything else is strictly architecture related (you can't major in anything). Also it can get incredibly tiring. And architecture in normal semesters is tiring enough. You will only be able to hand this course at bond if you love architecture. If you love it and you are passionate about it, then Bond is 100% the best place in Australia to go for architecture

My advice to future students is: Be organised - keep diaries so you can manage your time well. Your lecturers and professors are not like teachers in high school - they can learn from you too. Explore things TOGETHER and don't regurgitate everything they teach you. Take risks. Don't perceive assignment results as an indication of your ability. Lots of marks in architecture vary according to the markers way of architecture. Everyone is different.

Completed in 2018

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