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I found Uni.. Fantastic opportunity with lots of scholarships and great lecturers

Positives: As many students were from all over the world we quickly developed global networks

Negatives: The GFC and rising cost of fees meant that I have another 30% in student loans that originally was planned

My advice to future students is: Fast tracking a degree depends on you and your goals.

Completed in 2012

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Positives: The class size at Bond is really small especially in my course because of which there is a lot student professor interaction.
My course has assignments which mostly deal with case studies and give a more practical approach to the theory that we learn.
My course at Bond is conducted in an intensive pattern hence I have a lot spare time to work on my assignments.

Negatives: The only negative aspect would the lack of electives in my course

My advice to future students is: Start working on your assignments as soon as it assigned to you. Try and research as much as you can for your assignments. People might say project management isn't an important course but the lessons and subjects learnt during the course builds a great foundation for our careers

Completed in 2019

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Positives: A lot of face to face interactions, notes and help if needed

Negatives: Early classes

My advice to future students is: If you want a foot in the door for your own business, how your business works and a full understanding to be successful

Completed in 2012

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