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This is a good course to reinforce your english, I learnt a lot of vocabulary and tips that you need for the IELTS. The negative part was the group was so big and sometimes was difficult for the teacher to manage the group.

On the other hand they merged advance general english and IELTS students and not all the students were really interested in take the IELTS.

My advice to future students is: The quality of the general english course can vary a lot depending of the teacher, number of students for classroom, etc. If you feel the group is too big and you are not interested in IELTS ask for the coordinator to do two different groups. It makes a lot of difference!

Completed in 2016

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It was very nice, I start in intermediate with a great teacher, she kept the class very dynamic, conversation exercises that help to discuss about current problems and brings a very blunt point of view

My advice to future students is: Take advantage of this course, sometimes could seem monotonous but talk with your teacher to do different activities! They are friendly and very open to improve the class.

Completed in 2016

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