Master of Science in Information Technology

Carnegie Mellon University

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Masters Degree
1.5 years Full-Time
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Course Description

Carnegie Mellon University’s Information Technology/ Information Systems Management programs are consistently ranked among the world's elite in information technology and information technology management. We have firmly cemented our presence in the global technology marketplace as a thought leader and reliable provider of outstanding graduates for leading organizations.

To truly gain value from technology, you will require a good understanding of how technology interacts with business processes, strategy, and policy. Our curriculum is unique from our competition because we integrate these disciplines into a coherent area of study. Our degree programs are designed to shape you into a cutting-edge tech innovator while our objective is to help you land a superior job. You'll learn from a variety of brilliant scholars and seasoned practitioners eager to prepare you to lead enterprises in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

The combination of core courses and electives options to suit your career objectives, with real industry experiences through the Information Systems Project and Internship, will put you at a distinct advantage over other graduates. Designed for students with one to two years of work experience, the program provides you with knowledge of current information technologies and their business applications, plus the management skills essential to successfully lead digital transformation across a wide range of industries and organisations.
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280 hour Internship


Average ratings for Master of Science in Information Technology based on 6 reviews
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