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Charles Sturt University (CSU) has multiple campuses across NSW, QLD and VIC including Bathurst, Albury-Wodonga, Dubbo, Goulburn, Orange, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga and Canberra.

Study101 has a range of student reviews across Bachelor and Masters degrees in several different topics - Arts, Medical Science, Business, Information Technology, Science, Nursing and Education.

Based on the Charles Sturt University reviews we've received, here's some of the advice from students:
Try to make friends with others studying your course;
Make the effort to study and give it 100% to get the best results;
Ask Q's - teachers are there to help you understand and answer them;
Keep up to date with your subject and don't leave things to the last minute;
Go out and work in the industry, even part-time or volunteer some time.

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I find Uni.. My educator is skilled, and I like how he thinks.

Positives: The course is conducted online, offers me a really wide array of examples in different information institutions

Negatives: There's little in the way to gather community that that the university offers distance ed students.

My advice to future students is: Online learning requires you to be on the ball. Locate a time during the week to focus on your studies and stick to it. Remember, most units require you to do 10 hours worth of work in the unit itself and more outside for personal learning and assignments.

Set up a calendar. Give yourself 2 weeks to complete the assignment. Ask questions to your lecturer, no question is dumb.

Make sure you communicate with others that are doing the course, they may offer you some perspectives you haven't thought about.

If study for hours is just too much, try the pomodoro technique to schedule you 45 mins to study and 10 on break.

Contact disability well before the university session starts and within the first week send the disability plan through.

Dictating assignments and using Opendysexic type in assignments will help you edit and read materials.

Breathe. This won't be for the rest of your life.

Completing in 2023

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Positives: Most of the course lecturers and designers are specialists in their area of teaching. So you learn from those that are in the top of their field so you can be the top in yours. For example SYD 2000 Olympics game 3DE course designer, Hunter Doughty, was my teacher for some of the subjects. Everyone from the Dean of the School to the individual subject teachers take heaps of one on one time, students combine to help each other instead of compete against each other and all on a campus with a great student union that includes a DE rep and more support than you can ever need to get through each subject or individual problem that might arise. From Living on campus or being a DE [Distance Ed ] student to choosing your electives. This is an environment that wants you to thrive in because when you do so do they. Over my undergrad and other work i have attended a number of Universities and TAFEs as well as private RTO's and no one gets a higher grade from me that CSU. With Students ranging from school leavers to mature entry for the course the support is there for you no matter what your age, sex or family background from everyone, even from teachers that don't teach in the department you are enrolled in [David Gilbey --English Dept I am thinking of you as I type this] as well as a huge amount of social activities on campus, including a well stocked research library and space to work around at the conveniently located Wagga Wagga Writers Writers [to this day of which i am still a member] plonked just across the road from the campus winery. Pun intended.

Negatives: For me, moving to Queensland halfway through made it very difficult when I was having trouble with Agricultural Economics, maths isn't my strong point and trying to translate it to DE learning and examples was difficult for me, I also thinking the weighting of this subject is unfair, as your first assignment is worth 10 points, second 20 points and your final exam 70. Which means if you are great are written work and lousy at exams this sort of weighting means no matter what you do in the assignments, I got 10/10 for the first, and around 17/20 for the second but below 50% for the exam, so if the assignments had been more fairly weighted I would have passed but on the current scale I ended up having to repeat the subject.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you visit campus and talk to current students first, alot more places are offering specialized horse care courses but not many with CSUs reputation, many of their students go to Germany, Japan, Asia and the USA for their first jobs or to the top studs here such as Woodlands. Do some work placement in a safety first stud to make sure that it is what you do want to do for work as there are plenty of other equine jobs you can work in without having to handle horses but you will need to cater your expertise to these areas whilst training and getting work placement to hit the ground running. For example if you wanted to do foal watches and yearling prep you would concentrate on the hands on course subjects whereas if you wanted to work for an auction house such as Inglis then your math and logistics strengths are going to be more important.

Completed in 2008

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Positives: Very thorough

Negatives: So much information to remember because it’s medical related

My advice to future students is: It’s worth it in the end even though it’s really hard at the time

Completed in 2017

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Positives: It provides greater detail into all of the aspects of Information Technology that I’m interested in and allows for online sections so that I can complete it while working

Negatives: The layout of some units can be confusing, finding previous lectures is not always easy

My advice to future students is: To set aside dedicated time to ensure you catch up on all unit work

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Friendly staff and co-operative teacher. Better study material and environment

Negatives: Inappropriate behaviour

My advice to future students is: Study well and submit work on time

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The course was informative, lecturers (generally) were available and helpful, the online platform was easily accessible with few glitches, the online journals were also easily accessible and easy to navigate (much more so than I have found with other universities).

Negatives: Studying online always comes with the disadvantage of being remote and feeling disconnected from the course/classmates. The possible career options after the course were not made very clear and accessing information about this was difficult.

My advice to future students is: Only complete a Masters degree if you know exactly how it will help improve your career options.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Broad knowledge about practical accounting and uses

Negatives: Nothing major

My advice to future students is: Self studies are very important

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The CSU MBA program provides 3 months industrial placement which is a good opportunity for newbie graduates.

Negatives: Poor communication between the staff members. Also needs to improve the quality of the lecturers and the content. Plus CSU needs to improve their student portal since some notifications never came up in the portal.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you check your emails since most of the time lecturers are notified via emails. And if you apply for special circumstances make sure to check with the HR department each day regarding your request since the communication in HR department is very poor.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Gaining so much knowledge which will help me once completed to venture out into animal breeding

Negatives: Assignments are massive and are often all due at the same time. Very stressful!

My advice to future students is: Make sure you are good at mathematics

Completing in 2020

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I studies this course online.

Positives: Teachers are usually almost always available to answer any questions via email or in the discussion forums .. modules and interact sites are easy to navigate

Negatives: The practice placement aspects of my course that cannot get given RPL for. I have worked in the early Childhood industry full time for 6+ years however I still need to complete 2 professional placements in different centers for a total of 9 weeks - unpaid - this also adds huge financial stress on myself and my husband .. it seems silly to have to go on a placement to show I can do something I’ve been doing for 6 years

My advice to future students is: Make sure you can commit and that it is really something you want to do

Completed in 2018

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