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Positives: Very thorough

Negatives: So much information to remember because it’s medical related

My advice to future students is: It’s worth it in the end even though it’s really hard at the time

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The course was informative, lecturers (generally) were available and helpful, the online platform was easily accessible with few glitches, the online journals were also easily accessible and easy to navigate (much more so than I have found with other universities).

Negatives: Studying online always comes with the disadvantage of being remote and feeling disconnected from the course/classmates. The possible career options after the course were not made very clear and accessing information about this was difficult.

My advice to future students is: Only complete a Masters degree if you know exactly how it will help improve your career options.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: CSU has one of the highest employment rates straight out of the course. You become so well equipped to go into the job.

Negatives: Not many practicals are provided and needing to travel to go to Residential School.
We also don’t receive financial help for this and are needing to pay for all of it ourselves. Which is difficult as a uni student.

My advice to future students is: It will be so rewarding when you complete it. You will learn so much about the animal industry and you will get such amazing opportunities

Completing in 2021

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Negative - lots of theory and not a lot of support

Positive - placement

My advice to future students is: Really give it 100% to get the best results for your future

Completed in 2016

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Positive: practical
Negative: too much in class and placement hours in first year

My advice to future students is: It’s hard to maintain a job and study this degree

Completing in 2020

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