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In little over 5 months, the course allowed me to change careers from logistics to the tech industry. It was an intense and challenging experience over the 20 weeks. The great teachers and awesome classmates made it much more enjoyable and there was a culture of co-operation created throughout the course. I think this was facilitated a lot by the type of people that were in my cohort and our head teacher. The administration staff were also very helpful and friendly.

The best thing about this particular course was that I left with a government certified diploma and that I was able to get work not long after the course finished.

When my cohort finished the course there was a change of management and the teachers that we had left to pursue other interests. There was a bit of a rough spot for the cohort that came after us, but I saw a bunch of them a few months after they had started and they told me that everything had been sorted out and they were very happy with how the course was proceeding. A good thing about the current course is that it's university level qualification. This means they had to add a maths component.

All up I think it's a worthwhile place to study.

Completed in 2017

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