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3.0 years Full-Time
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Course Description

The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a wide range of disciplines within the Bachelor of Science and other degrees.

You will develop a comprehensive foundation in your chosen scientific field, preparing you for a range of employment opportunities within industry, government institutions and private organisations.

Choose from a wide range of science options
Learn from accomplished industry professionals
Some programs are based in Curtin Unversity's Resources and Chemistry Precinct, where you will be exposed to a vibrant research community and a range of industries.
Curtin is committed to high-impact research including the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy's contributions to the development of the international Square Kilometre Array project.


Chemistry Geographic Information Science
Coastal and Marine Science Geophysics
Computing Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Data Science Mine and Engineering...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Science Curtin University based on 4 reviews
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Student Reviews

May 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: The faculty is very supportive, the practical components of the course compliment the theory very well. The course also involved prac work which is super helpful for gaining much needed industry experience.

Negatives: Some of the tests contained questions that were not in the course material

My advice to futu...

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April 2018
Year completed 2022

Positives: First year content is really fun, mixed in with people from other health science degrees not just your own.

Negatives: There can be some gaps between lecture content and workshop content which is annoying

My advice to future students is: Make sure you ask your lecturer as much as you can, email them etc and t...

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April 2018
Year completed 2017

The positive aspects of my course include the diversity of knowledge gained. This field requires and trains you in physics, chemistry, geology, mathematics, computer science and more. Another positive are the links to industry. Curtin's Department of Exploration Geophysics is heavily involved in the industry, so the knowledge...

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April 2018
Year completed 2019

The curtin oasis website makes uni very simple in that everything you need is in one place. All your study notes practice questions, all recorded lectures and assignments are all available in one place.

Another positive about this course is that it teaches you fundamentals of coding which is extremely useful in life even ...

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