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Curtin University ratings

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Curtin University (formerly Curtin University of Technology) has a campus based in Bentley, Perth. It also overseas campuses in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius.

Curtin is ranked #1 in our University ranking based on students ratings. We have Curtin University reviews across a range of topics including Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science, Education, Science, Psychology and IT.

Based on our Curtin students reviews the advice they recommend is:
Keep on top of your work and don't fall behind - attend all classes;
Get involved in societies and activities to make the most of the university experience;
Make friends - you'll benefit so much;
Don't be afraid to ask for help from teachers and utilise Uni resources & services;
You need to learn how to work independently;
Try to get practical/internship opportunities, go to networking events and learn how to network.

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A positive aspect of the course is getting to use the knowledge learned in everyday life and putting it to use in situations. It gives you a lot of skills that not many other people have and allows you to think outside the box.

A negative aspect would be the duration of the course (6 years) and the course intensity. The workload is very in depth and requires a lot of effort to complete.

My advice to future students is: I would advise future students to only study this course if they are passionate about psychology and want a rewarding career helping others with mental health issues

Completing in 2021

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Positive aspects: It is a fun and enjoyable course if you want to learn more about human interactions.

Negative aspects: When I was in my fourth year I only realised I still have to complete another 2 years of masters and internship in order to be a certified practising psychologist. The university could have told us about the course outline or job prospects with this degree during our orientation. With a Bachelor of Psych degree, it is insufficient to practice psychology services. I would have switched course if I knew about this earlier.

My advice to future students is: Psychology isn't all just about understanding human interaction. There are lots of statistics involved in this course. A good mathematic foundation would be great for this course.

Completed in 2016

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Positives: The teachers are well motivated, experiences and are hard working. The course was interesting with the good units mixed in with one that aren't so great like stats, so each semester was balanced. The uni life is also amazing.

Negatives: No practical experiences

My advice to future students is: Take every opportunity given to you, make sure you ask questions about everything and use every resource to get the best out of everything.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Psychology is a very interesting and broad subject to study. The content is delivered in an interactive and fun way which makes you enjoy the subject a lot more. There is a lot of support within this course from peers, older students and lecturers which boosts confidence in Academia and increases productivity

Negatives: Some aspects of the course a little tricky and mundane, this is negative as some content can become boring and repetitive

My advice to future students is: Work hard, ask for help if needed. Go into lectures with a positive attitude and tackle tasks that are boring with a positive attitude. Every course has boring parts but pull through, it will be rewarding in the end

Completing in 2021

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