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Positive aspects include; online - can study from anywhere and don't need to attend physical classes; fits with my schedule; lecturers and tutors are generally quite helpful.

Negatives include: feelings of isolation; easy to fall behind; hard to catch up; course workload is much more than the 10 hours per week they state; website often plays up; finding information can be tricky; hard to find who to contact; no study breaks if you want to complete on time - 4 study periods per year that run consecutively with no holidays.

My piece of advice for future students is - stick to a schedule resolutely. Try and study at a physical campus. Form study groups. If you fall behind, contact tutors ASAP

Completed in 2019

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I studied this online while working full time. The online delivery was very engaging especially with weekly message board discussions with fellow students and lecturers. I even found it easier to engage with weekly discussions online than in my previous on-campus studies, maybe because I had more time to think about what I wanted to write/say, rather than in person, in a class where you are put on the spot. The flexibility of studying online allowed me to continue my full-time work. The course work was very interesting and easily relatable to (at the time) current world events and situations. Assessments provided the chance to thoroughly explore specific topics of interest and were useful for each unit. Overall, a completely eye-opening, often heartbreaking, wonderfully taught course.

Completed in 2017

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