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Positives: Most of the lecturers and tutors have actually worked in the construction industry and been involved in a number of large projects, so they’re able to give us a real world understanding of how things work and not just how the books say things should be done.

Also, as a girl I’ve only had one or two experiences over the 4 years where I’ve been treated differently. 99% of the time I’m treated equally even though it is a male dominated course and industry.

Negatives: Although most of the tutors and lecturers have worked in the real world, there are still one or two who have only ever worked in academia. Their outlook is a bit unrealistic of the industry.

Majority of us doing the course also feel as though they try to force too much interdisciplinary assignments (ie: architecture students will design buildings for us to use in our assignments). Although once we graduate we will have to work with other professions, it seems a bit unfair to have to rely on others for our grades now; which will determine our future.

My advice to future students is: Don’t focus too much on choosing exactly which career path you want from the course. There are so many opportunities and paths you can take from the one degree so just try your best in all units and you’ll naturally work out what you’re most suited towards :)

Completed in 2018

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