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Data Science Dataquest

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Short Course
3 Months Part-Time
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Course Description

Our hands-on method teaches you all the skills you need to become a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.

Learn by writing code, working with data, and building projects in your browser.

Work on Real-Life Data Science Problems
Get ready for a data science job by practicing your skills and building real-life projects.

Learn With A Strong Community
Interact with peers who'll inspire and motivate you. Trade ideas for your next project, or get help navigating the job market.

Get A High Quality Education
We'll break down concepts and help you build intuition about them step by step. It's no wonder that top companies and universities around the world trust Dataquest.
Additional Information

Data science is about finding and exploring patterns in our world, then using that knowledge to solve hard problems. This can involve anything from...

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Student Reviews

October 2017
Year completed 2017

This course has been very well thought out. From my understanding of the industry, I thought the content was well structured and practical. It does a good job at going through a lot of different elements that forms Data Science, which makes it a good option for those new to the area, github, webscraping, databases, data vis, ...

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