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This course has been very well thought out. From my understanding of the industry, I thought the content was well structured and practical. It does a good job at going through a lot of different elements that forms Data Science, which makes it a good option for those new to the area, github, webscraping, databases, data vis, python, etc. Completing projects that you can add to your github, is such a good way to develop a portfolio, which I think is a really good way to display what you've done and learnt. It also encourages making the most of Kaggle while and after you study. For those unsure - this course has a heavier Python bias.

I found the navigation to find previously viewed information quite difficult. Therefore, I'd recommend others to take notes, store the content as you go through. It can be difficult to get the info and be on the right screen to answer a question.

It gamifies the completion of tasks, where you get certificates along the way which encourages the progression through the course - I found this a really good form of encouragement.

Completed in 2017

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