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Bachelor of Psychological Science Deakin University

3.6 out of 5 from 5 reviews
Ranked #7 in our University Rankings
Bachelor Degree
3.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

Gain an insight into why people think, feel and behave the way they do when you study psychological science at Deakin. You will discover the complexity of human personality and behaviour, and graduate with a versatile degree that helps you pursue a range of different career options.

This course exposes you to a contemporary integrative approach to psychology – one that recognises the importance of, and interrelationships between, biological, developmental, social, cognitive, and developmental factors.

You will cover areas of psychology including behavioural and clinical neuroscience, child and adolescent psychology, relationships and the psychology of groups, cognitive psychology, forensic psychology, and psychopathology. You will also have the opportunity to develop your counselling skills through a suite of elective units.

Following completion of the Bachelor of Psychological Science students intending to become psychologists must successfully apply for and complete a level-4 Honours year or the level-4 Graduate Diploma of Psychology. This will allow students to register as provisional psychologists. Students wishing to become fully registered psychologists would need to continue studying by undertaking either a Masters or Doctorate qualification in psychology to meet full registration requirements.

Deakin’s School of Psychology has strong partnerships with industry, including collaborative activities with government agencies, public and private organisations, hospitals, and other universities. These partnerships ensure that our courses remain relevant to industry and workforce needs.

Deakin's Bachelor of Psychological Science is recognised for registration by the Psychology Board of Australia, accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and enables you to undertake additional study in pursuit of professional registration.

As a graduate of this course you will have developed the knowledge and skills that make you highly employable across an array of stimulating employment settings....

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Psychological Science Deakin University based on 5 reviews
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Student Reviews

April 2018
Year completed 2017

Bachelor of Applied Science: The positives of this course are that it starts out broad, meaning you begin by doing the same core health units that all health students at Deakin do, so it is not straight psychology, which gives you more insight. I also like that there are options at each trimester to take electives, some of wh...

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February 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives - coursework is light and many of the subjects have no exams

My advice to future students is: try to spread your core subjects out and save your breath to the end year

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February 2018
Year completed 2017

- everything online and in person
- discussion board
- multiple elective choices
- counselling electives
- placement elective
- weekly quizs
- rma documents provided (study guide etc)
- variety of class time choices
- use of diagrams

- some tutors
- disorganization
- most study guid...

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February 2018
Year completed 2017

There were a lot of positives throughout the course. The subjects were interesting and the teachers were really engaging.
Negatives - that it is hard to get a job in

My advice to future students is: Really consider whether you want to go into psychology, and whether you are willing to commit to 6 years of full study

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February 2018
Year completed 2018

Positive: interesting course that has a lot of different knowledge, you learnt a lot of different areas of psychology

My advice to future students is: Really consider doing this course, as I think that it is more targeted at people who want to only go future for study such as doing honours/post grad. It is hard as you don'...

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