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Positives: I got the opportunity to complete a workplacement, this of which was all organised for me. All I had to do was apply for the unit, attend and interview and the university set me up with a 10 week placement in my chosen field. I also got to go on a number of trips including getting tours of stadiums were we got to talk to industry professionals. I also really liked that we got the choice to select certain units/electives, so we could focus specifically on what we wanted to learn about.

Negatives: Some of the lecturers/tutorers were not enganging or exciting and could sometimes make you feel like you didn't want to be there. It makes it a lot harder to want to learn when your teacher isn't enthusiastic about the class. I also found that there were a lot of group projects. I know they want you to be able to work in a team, but it makes it very difficult when you get put with people who aren't at your standard and don't do the work. I found it put a lot more pressure on me and it brought my grades down.

My advice to future students is: I would recommend getting all the hands on experience that is offered to you. For example, when there is an industry trip, go, ask questions and learn. Don't use it as a day off because it really wont get you anywhere. I also recommend working hard and attend all lectures and complete your course to your greatest ability.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: There is a lot of work experience opportunities which really adds a lot to your CV. Have the chance to work in a number of organisations rather than one long work experience placement. Opportunity to do minors and majors in other subjects which also broadens your knowledge. Had the opportunity to do a number of business units and also sport specific units. Really appreciated that not all units had exams. Able to create your timetable to be flexible to your schedule, no specific order to do units.

Negatives: Would have been good to have more industry professionals come in and talk. Would have given better idea of the large amounts of different jobs in the sports sector (Not just the standard).

The difference in expectation in some of the lecturers. Some lecturers were easy markers which meant you could achieve high marks whereas others were really tough and difficult to succeed. My six month practical placement was ruined by sending me to a place that wasn't suitable. Wasn't able to complete the placement.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you are prepared and know the expectations of the course. Took me a while to understand how to organise my timetable. Make sure you have the correct textbooks for each unit, best to buy secondhand or rent from the library. Always attend lectures because lecturers always mark more favourably

Completed in 2017

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