Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy

Empathy Pilates

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1 Years Part-Time
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Course Description

The APMA is proud to offer its nationally accredited qualification 10567NAT Diploma
of Pilates Movement Therapy. The design of this new qualification is based on the
APMA’s historical and ground breaking Level Two Pilates Instructor Course (1994 to
today). The result is a product of years of debate, study and practice from the many
respected voices in the profession, making it the most comprehensive and balanced
course in the marketplace.

This nationally accredited qualification prepares students to work with low-tomedium
risk clients in a one-on-one studio (equipment-based) or group setting. The
course is designed to teach the theoretical and historical basis of the Pilates Method
and prepare students to work safely and professionally with confidence.

The aim is for students to become proficient at teaching a variety of traditional and
contemporary interpretations of the Pilates Method repertoire, with an understanding
of the methodology necessary to modify it for use by clientele with a wide variety of
pathologies, conditions and needs.

Whether you intend to teach floor classes or work in an equipment-based studio, the
APMA’s Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy is the clear choice.

Pilates Instructor

Additional Information

200 hours of Supervised Practise Placement
(can be attained in any equipment based Pilates Studio
with a minimum of 50% completed with an APMA

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