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Flinders University ratings

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A little bit about Flinders University

Flinders University has one main campus based in Bedford Park, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

We have a range of Flinders University reviews across different topics, including Arts, Legal Studies, Commerce, IT, Social Work, Engineering, Health, Nursing and Science.

Based on the Flinders student reviews, here's some of the advice we've collated:
Don't slack off- you will need to be able to study self guided, this isn't like secondary school;
Take advantage of any industry network opportunities you get, even at the beginning of your course;
Spend time thinking about the right course for you - go to open days, speak to students, read reviews (😜) and look up course guides;
Speak to the tutors, they can be really interesting and give you great info, ideas and contacts;
Form study groups at Uni - it's a good way to practice your communication skills and make friends.

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I find Uni.. I love studying here.

Positives: I get to learn to use and work with some really good quality test equipment and software.
Most equipment is available for free access outside of classes so you can learn at your own pace.
The co...

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Positives: The main benefit which is the exact reason for choosing Flinders University is the professional accreditation and recognition it has from the Design Institute of Australia. Without it my degree would be useless in my chosen career field...

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Positives: This course is very textbook orientated, which is good for people who like that.

Negatives: Hard to get support from teachers. Lectures are mostly reading from the textbook

My advice to future students: You will need to do a lot o...

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Positives: Technology is a key aspect of many industries now and as a human resource for employers, IT knowledge is essential.

Negatives: IT world is evolving fast so the course must remain relevant by the year.

My advice to future students...

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Positives: Course covered several components of modern accounting and finance industry. There was a good balance of theory and practical study. I got to work with other students as a team which is a valuable experience for future employment.


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Positives: I really enjoy the social aspect of the university, there are many places to meet up with friends aswell as meet new people

Negatives: I wish there were more contact hours. I find I learn much better when a physical person is teachin...

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Positives: Provided a number of industry appropriate opportunities for graduation including contacts and partner businesses.
Provided engaging courses and utilised industry experienced lecturers

Negatives: some of the content seems a bit dat...

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Positives: The first thing I loved and what made me choose this university over others also providing this course was the location and facilities. This university is not like any others I have seen. The views are amazing and a great way to study. ...

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Positives: The content is engaging and relevant to past, present and future media. It’s always being updated because there are new things coming out everyday.

Negatives: Sometimes the content can be dry. You have to participate in topics that y...

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Positives: Lots of job prospects, detailed coursework, branching course prospects

Negatives: Difficult course work/ time load

My advice to future students is: Do the work. Do the homework

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