Bachelor of Social Work Flinders University

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Course Description

The Bachelor of Social Work at Flinders is designed to equip you to work in a wide range of areas related to the provision of health and social welfare in modern society.

The course combines traditional social work skills with the broader issues of social policy and planning, providing expertise not just in the delivery of social services but also in planning, development and monitoring of programs appropriate to current social conditions.

Graduates who choose to work as social workers will understand the policy and planning areas will know the impact of their decisions on people working in the field.

The Bachelor of Social Work prepares you to work in a wide range of areas relating to providing welfare services.

This degree combines traditional social work...

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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2023

Positives: The first thing I loved and what made me choose this university over others also providing this course was the location and facilities. This university is not like any others I have seen. The views are amazing and a great way to study. The facilities are modern and there are always places to study.

Negatives: Th...

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August 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: the teachers are very engaged and the field is expanding quickly. i also like being able to learn so much about so many social issues that are present in the world.

Negatives: the course is very modern and only draws on a lot of the most modern literature. this isnt normally a problem, but with such socially mod...

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June 2018
Year completed 2018

Positives: Providing support to the needy

Negatives: Work load and vigorous trauma if you fail to practice self care

My advice to future students is: I would advise them to work hard and focus as social work needs more time for both theory and applying theory into practice. Nothing good will come on the silver plate no...

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March 2018
Year completed 2013

This course requires students to complete 2 x field placements (1000 hours total) these placement are carried out in 3rd and 4th year (last 2 years) I think there should be placements all through the course - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year (like the teaching degree).

So theory can be applied to real life practice sooner, rathe...

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