User Experience Design Immersive General Assembly

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Course Description

The User Experience Design Immersive program is crafted by top practitioners in the field, with a specific focus on helping you transition into a UX design career.

We teach core skills that make up the entire user experience design process. From research and ideation to prototyping and testing, our user experience design training will help you solve design problems using proven skills and methods.

User Research
Understand how users interact with your product through methods like interviewing, observation, and testing. This allows you to create a product that fits your users’ needs.

Interaction & Interface Design
Define the way your digital product interacts with users in order to make it simple, user-friendly, and beautiful. This allows you to create a product that people love to use.

Prototyping & Testing
Create interactive prototypes to test your designs and ideas in front of real users. Iterate and evolve your concepts into a digital product. This allows you to create a product that actually works.

Working with Teams & Clients
Collaborate with fellow designers, stakeholders, clients, and real users to solve design problems and create real products. This allows you to enter the UX job market as a designer.

Enter the UX job market with a portfolio composed of five unique projects. You’ll have the opportunity to create real work for a real company with a small team of...

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Additional Information

We provide each of our immersive graduates with job readiness training, connections to employers, and opportunities to hone new skills.


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Average ratings for User Experience Design Immersive General Assembly based on 1 review
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Student Reviews

November 2017
Year completed 2017

Earlier in the year I decided to put my Master of PR on hold to give this whole UX thing a go.

I heard great things about the industry, and this course, from an old colleague, funnily enough from the banking world. His review of it, to me, had me sold and I wasn't disappointed.

I have never been around a more dedicated ...

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