Diploma of Social and Psychological Science Griffith College

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1.0 year Full-Time
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Course Description

If you are fascinated by the human mind and why it functions differently in every single person, a career in the field of psychology and counselling is for you. The Diploma of Social and Psychological Science gives you the introductory skills for further study in the areas of psychology, counselling, human services and social work.

Welfare officer
Community planning and development
Social worker
Child safety worker
Youth worker
Correctional services officer


Average ratings for Diploma of Social and Psychological Science Griffith College based on 1 review
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Student Reviews

May 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: It is actually smaller groups so we get more one on one time with the teachers that allow us to delve into a deeper learning of course content

Negatives: Still stupid people in the class that waste time

My advice to future students is: Get organised and stay on top of it! Prioritise your time and use it wisel...

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