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Positives: It was a recognised course, hands on work, helpful teachers

Negatives: I would have liked more subject choice

My advice to future students is: It may get boring at times but persist with it

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The good thing in my course is that i get a chance to help people who need help. It feels good.

Negative is that there is a lot of accountability because I work with study life

My advice to future students is: Be patient especially with ass...

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Definitely a smaller uni course so closer to teachers, teachers know your name which makes it so much more personal.

The negative is very disorganised. Some teachers seem like they are very good nurses but not very good teachers.

My advice t...

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It's really interesting to know how the Human Resources department works and learning about workplace harassment and other stuff that happens in workplaces that may not be commonly known.

My advice to future students is: Absolutely a good cours...

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There wasn't any home work :) which made it pretty cruisy.

My advice to future students is: Don’t fail :)

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I didn’t end up finishing the course because I didn’t enjoy it. It was too cutesy and not as informative as I’d like. Lots of hands on experience though which was good

My advice to future students is: Read into your choices before selecting a c...

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Super easy to understand content and learn what you need to. Happy to have a job straight away at the conclusion of the study period. Exactly what I want to be doing.

My advice to future students is: Stick with it, it’s a lot of work but comple...

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You learnt a lot about safety and codes nurses and doctors use. Parc was helpful as for you got to observe what the nurses do on a daily basis but it also felt like you were in the way sometimes so they need a better way of organising prac.

My ...

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Really loved learning about how children’s brains work and how they adapt and absorb new information.

Was interesting to learn about how you must talk and act around children of these young ages.

My advice to future students is: Pick someth...

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Really enjoyed the hands on side of things, being able to enter a classroom and teach the kids straight up. Didn’t enjoy the theory side of it so much but I guess it helped me study and understand how to teach a little better.

My advice to futu...

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