International College of Hotel Management - ICHM reviews

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International College of Hotel Management - ICHM ratings

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The only positive is that it pretty much guarantees a job out of it because we are required to log industry experience hours throughout the period.

Negative- the lecturers aren't trained in tertiary education so some don't know how to teach... They are only professionals in the area they teach so when it comes to assessments nothing is clear or the same between subjects.

We do an entire year (8 Subjects) in 5 months and have three assessments for each subject. It's damn near impossible to get a job because of so many hours. Oh and they don't record lectures and every single lecture/ tutorial etc is compulsory, so we are there sometimes from as early as 6 in the morning to as late as 6 in the evening.

It is also very expensive at almost around 3 grand per subject, we have to pay $26,000 for only ONE academic year. PLUS It's FEE Help, not HECS help, so we are required to pay the government 25% interest of what we have borrowed. So that's almost $80,000 for a three year degree. Plus an extra $20,000 in interest so it's not value for money, considering TAFE offer the SAME degree for a fraction of the course, as do other universities.

ICHM is a private college, and is not well organised - My year ended up being 'guinea pigs' and half of our resources weren't working properly. When we spoke up about it we were told we didn't know what we were talking about and it was our fault because we were complaining too much. The principal called us all stupid.

Oh and there was the instance where they won't run a class if there are less than ten people in the class, saying that they won't 'break even' on their payment for the lecturer/ room hire... but I doubt that $25000 from 8 students wont cover the cost of the lecturer and room hire for FIVE months in rooms that ICHM supposedly 'bought out, so we now own them'. Not to mention 3/4 of the students are international and have english as their second language, so it is near impossible to do successful group assessments. Also the ATAR cut-off is 70, however I knew people who were accepted with an atar under 50.

These people didn't do well at all and despite 'failing too many times to qualify for completion', they kept letting them go... because they want all the $$$ they can get, and there's really not a lot of students now compared to when I started.

My advice to future students - Don't be fooled by the antics to reel you in, there are other degrees that are on par with this course for less of the cost.

Completed in 2018

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Positive, the school friends,
The negatives seem to be endless

My advice to future student - Work your way up in the industry and get another degree.

Completed in 2019

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I did the Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management) and Bachelor of Hospitality Management and The International College of Hotel Management.

Positives: The lecturers are great! Most of the classes are great.

Negatives: some of the classes either need to be taken out or refined. It isn't subsidised by the government so for a class its around $3,800, so for one year (8 classes) its around $30,000. For this investment of my time and money (four year course) i need to see some return on this.

My advice to future students - Really consider if you want to work in hotels or hospitality. If business interests you, go to another university that gives you a generic business degree.

If it is hotels and hospitality you are interested in, and want to be working in upper management positions or start your own hospitality company in the future, this course is great for you. The placements and opportunities given to ICHM students is great!

Completed in 2018

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Positive - I really like the small class groups and being able to get paid work as part of the degree is great.
Negative - It is too expensive and the work load can be too much because we do eight subjects in one semester.

My advice to future students is: Its worth it if you can afford it but you dont really need to go to a hotel school just for a business degree.

Completed in 2019

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