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JMC Academy ratings

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Be prepared for a large work load, your time management skills will be key to you keeping on top of things.

You have great resources at your fingertips on campus plus lecturers and teachers who are extremely helpful and experienced.

Completed in 2016

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The course was excellent in learning. I have progressed so much and I'm really proud of what I've learnt. The lectures and materials were all fantastic and there was ample opportunity to network and obtain work. The only thing I believe needs to be improved upon is the facilities and software.

My advice to future students is: If you are dedicated and you want to learn this is the place for you. You can't put in a half effort and expect to reap the rewards.

This is a tough course, but absolutely worth it in the end.

Completed in 2018

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Teachers weren't very knowledgeable, and the other students were not motivated. I learnt more from my peers or by myself than in class.

My advice to future students is: You need to be self motivated and willing to learn by yourself. The subject matter was good, but you aren't spoon fed.

Completed in 2008

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