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Course Description

La Trobe University's Bachelor of Media and Communication allows you to specialise in Journalism, Media Industries, Sport Journalism or Public Relations.

You'll practice writing and producing compelling stories for different audiences across formats such as video, audio, and online platforms including blogs and mobile applications. You'll also develop skills in using social media, and learn how audiences are both challenging and changing today's media landscape.

Your lecturers include industry professionals from a range of media backgrounds. Depending on your major, you'll work in our on-campus strategic communications agency, contribute to our own publication, upstart, and have access to the latest AV production equipment, a three-camera TV studio and 24-hour digital editing suites, and a full audio recording studio.

You can complement your media and communications subjects with a range of electives including politics, languages, media production, history and English, or by choosing electives from across the University in areas such as economics, commerce, science, information technology and health. You'll also develop an understanding of the media's social, political and economic roles, and the role you will play as a media and communications specialist.


Media Industries
Sport Journalism
Public Relations


You'll be skilled to take up roles in TV and audio production, digital content, film making, screenwriting, social media and emerging digital content production...

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Additional Information
La Trobe offers a third-year internship that gives you hands-on experience relevant to your major in the media industry.


Average ratings for Bachelor of Media and Communication La Trobe University based on 2 reviews
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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: A positive aspect to my course is the extensive facilities my university provides. The fully functioning studio that students are able to utilise and create within is a great advantage.

Negatives: The negative of my course isn't necessarily what is wrong with the course but more so uni life, Although with my cou...

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May 2018
Year completed 2017

I majored in Strategic Communication (PR)

Positives: Writing skills and networking skills

Negatives: Not enough study about elements that are relevant to the career

My advice to future students is: Do more experience

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