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I majored in Strategic Communication (PR)

Positives: Writing skills and networking skills

Negatives: Not enough study about elements that are relevant to the career

My advice to future students is: Do more experience

Completed in 2017

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Great hospital/Clinical schools
Some well experienced facilitators
Awesome coordinators

Ridiculous LMS page, hard to navigate
No recent exam papers only old ones

My advice to future students is: Must be ready to do lots of individual learning

Completed in 2018

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I'm studying the old format (B of Arts/Masters)

Detailed content
Many hands on work
Experienced educators and facilitators

Too many essays
Uneven course work for subjects and modules

My advice to future students is: Must be passionate!

Completed in 2018

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Over 800 hours of clinical placement. This helps when applying for jobs, as you are pretty much familiar with the way an RN works and hospitals run.
Limited support for students by the educators and coordinators.
Not all clinical schools have the same amount of effort and content out on LMS.
Some educators are more knowledgeable than others( depends on years in the field).

My advice to future students is: Be prepared to not always be supported and listened to.
Study hard and make sure you know how to research for some of your content as lms may not have the content written in details.
Try to enjoy your course, it flies by !

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Compare to other universities, getting admission in La Trobe is quicker and easier.
Many people see accounting as a boring subject but in La Trobe university, professors try to make an interesting atmosphere in the class by providing different thoughtful activities that can motivate students.

Overall, quality of accounting teachers are great. They have amazing teaching methods mix of theory and practice like analyzing financial statements in group activities that can improve students critical thinking.
Also subjects include marketing & economics that are helpful for grasping other aspects of business.

During the course students learn how accounting standards affect the financial reporting process and they learn how to read income statements, balance sheets & cash flows which they can apply these skills in a real world of business.

Lecture videos that are provided through student portal are very entertaining and well-explained.
Also teachers are very friendly, they approach each student to make sure that they have provided maximum of learning support.
Teachers in class, give real examples of financial problems in the world and by that make students to be able to set a better connection between the concepts learned and the places they appear in the real world.
Last week of each semester there is a review of the whole subjects that is a great method for remembering everything learned during the semester.
Professors clearly invest significant amount of time developing subjects throughout the whole course and each semester consist of a lot of impressive online lessons and no mark tests.
Generally the course material is well prepared.

Negatives: There are a lot of learning materials in a short amount of time.
Each subject in a day is for just 1 hr that teachers even make it shorter for about 45 minutes or less. So students pay high fees for the shorter period of teaching and totally the course for 2 years is expensive.

In the building there are counselling centers for checking cv and helping students for their future career which is not helpful. they just provide very basic information and ask students to search online. Checking resumes are not professional.
For finding accounting jobs you need to learn softwares like Myob and Xero which in the course there is no learning materials about the softwares.

My advice to future students is: Before applying for accounting read exactly what the universities offer and ask as much question as you can about the course.
check out the teachers profiles in the linkedin to see their skills and experiences.
and see how successful were their graduates and were they are working now.
what is the process of exams and assignments and the level of hardship also check the ranking of university.

For accounting a great interest in math and finance is required.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Being in a small uni, I am able to interact with my peers and have strong bonds and relationships with my lecturers. With the resources provided I am generally able to understand upcoming assessment tasks and what is needed to be done.

Negatives: Due dates are not spoken to us, classes are often pointless and sometimes do not relate to what we are going through the online resources

My advice to future students is: Make sure you get in and knuckle down from the start, things come at you before you know it and sometimes it becomes quite stressful. I recommend having an accessible calendar or diary to acknowledge due dates and upcoming events.

Completing in 2021

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It was amazing experience. Course was informative and as per today's requirements

Completed in 2013

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The course provides positives for students who want to work in the sport industry. It develops your knowledge on how sport works and how it is shaped.
Teachers are good and subject content is interesting and fair. You even get hands on experience in the industry in your third year.

Negatives: Having to take extra credit subjects that do not relate to your course of study.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: a lot of group work, therefore making it easier to make friends and learn to work together really well. By working in groups, each class, each student can help others with their strengths and weaknesses

Negatives: heavy content subjects take up most of my study time therefore making it hard for me to balance my study hours for each subject as one in particular I find super difficult

My advice to future students is: balance social life and study wisely. Work hard if you want to achieve highly but also have fun, relax every once in a while.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Getting in touch with cutting edge technology

Negatives: requires lot of research

My advice to future students is: if you are really interested in technology then only take this subject

Completed in 2019

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