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Positives: The course is conducted mostly online, which is extremely convenient/flexible because I have small children. The course accepts students from non-teaching backgrounds

Negatives: It was very challenging at first, because the online systems were never explained and they were incredibly confusing/overwhelming. It took me 6 hours, to figure out how to enrol.

My advice to future students is: Never feel afraid to ask questions about something which is unclear. In most cases, there are lots of other students wondering the same thing. Speak up, and save yourself the headache.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: It’s a really fun course so far. The teachers and course content is enjoyable.

Negatives: Time consuming - it requires a lot of hours - study time

My advice to future students is: Make sure you take it seriously and be prepared to study hard

Completing in 2020

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I'm studying the old format (B of Arts/Masters)

Detailed content
Many hands on work
Experienced educators and facilitators

Too many essays
Uneven course work for subjects and modules

My advice to future students is: Must be passionate!

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Being in a small uni, I am able to interact with my peers and have strong bonds and relationships with my lecturers. With the resources provided I am generally able to understand upcoming assessment tasks and what is needed to be done.

Negatives: Due dates are not spoken to us, classes are often pointless and sometimes do not relate to what we are going through the online resources

My advice to future students is: Make sure you get in and knuckle down from the start, things come at you before you know it and sometimes it becomes quite stressful. I recommend having an accessible calendar or diary to acknowledge due dates and upcoming events.

Completing in 2021

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Positives: Very friendly community with all the support a person could need

Negatives: Online communication is hard with Tutors and Lecturers. Only real time to talk is face-to-face, which is only once or twice a week

My advice to future students is: Just enjoy it. Uni is a great time to enjoy life and be apart of new experiences. Take everything in and have fun

Completing in 2020

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I did this course with a different structure a long time ago.

Practical aspects are top class, lecturers inspiring, and course material excellent. Negatives - it would be better if the course included opportunity to gain some industry qualification opportunities.

My advice to future students is: This the best outdoor ed course in Australia and industry recognized.

Completed in 2008

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Positive- it is something i am passionate about and allows me to study what i love (English and literature)

My advice to future students is: Tour the campus before you go

Completing in 2020

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Positives - easy to understand content.

Negatives - not enough placement, and some subjects were too general

My advice to future students is: Make sure you look into other universities as some may provide more placement opportunity

Completed in 2016

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Love the amount of hands on work we get to do. We are constantly placed in situations that allow us to understand how the class is run, and we are offered heaps of opportunities to learn to teach the classes as well.

My advice to future students is: Learning how to teach a class is a great insight into the way you were taught during school, absolutely would recommend

Completed in 2019

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Positive - the campus close is to home, I've been able to meet new friends
Negative - lecturers are hard to contact for help. This could be better addressed.

My advice to future students is: Don’t study unless you are ready. You have to be ready to apply yourself fully. It’s better to get life experience beforehand and find out who you are and what you want before studying

Completing in 2020

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