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Course Description

Everything we do in life is connected to psychology. Defined as the study of the human mind and behaviour, psychology plays a number of important roles in modern society. Having an understanding of human behaviour will give you an edge in a variety of careers, including human resources, law, education and social work.

Through this course, you'll get exposure to a wide range of fundamental psychological concepts, as well as to more specialised areas such as child psychology, neuropsychology, social and personality psychology, cognition and perception, and psychopathology.

One of our largest undergraduate programs, this course provides an excellent foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in psychology-related areas.
Our flexibility allows you to study psychology as well as other units from across the University.
Skills gained in the collection, evaluation and critical analysis of data will enhance your employment opportunities in all fields and industries.
In your third year, you'll have the opportunity to gain relevant workplace experience in a professional or community setting that's relevant to psychology.

Graduates gain employment that requires understanding and working with people, including:

Human resources or training
Educational institutions as a...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Arts - Psychology Macquarie University based on 3 reviews
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Student Reviews

April 2018
Year completed 2018

Positive: broad range of subjects, broad range of career prospects

My advice to future students is: study hard, if you don't understand in first year, look it up because it will come back to you in third year

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April 2018
Year completed 2018

Positive is that it is quite interesting learning about the human mind, cognitive processes even for those that are not into biology

My advice to future students is: Be ready for a lot of statistics. But don't give up it's definitely worth it at the end

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April 2018
Year completed 2019

The course is pretty comprehensive, interesting and well-established.
Some of the units (ie Statistics) have lecturers who are a bit out of touch with how students learn or have higher expectations than what is realistically able to be delivered

My advice to future students is: Keep going. And stay...

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