Bachelor of Science with the degree of Bachelor of Laws

Macquarie University

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Bachelor Degree
5.0 years Full-Time
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Course Description

Scientific minds are curious, enquiring and excited by discovery, they question the norm, ask why and seek the answers. Law specialists are expert communicators, researchers and logical thinkers, have a strong sense of justice and perform as responsible professionals in the community. There are many synergies between science and the law, which you'll learn about in this course. Numerous fields, such as public health, genetics, biotechnology and the environment, are underpinned by legal frameworks. Understanding how science and the law intersect will make you highly employable.

Key Features -
This course has a strong focus on practical work in the field and in our laboratories to enhance your skills and problem-solving abilities.
You can combine the study of science and law with arts, commerce, education, and many other disciplines.
You'll use modern laboratories that offer exposure to the latest instrumentation and tools.
You'll develop a sound understanding of legal doctrine, as well as an awareness of the role of law in society and a developed sense of social responsibility.
You'll have opportunities to get real-world experience with leading Australian organisations.
Upon graduation, you'll be entitled to admission for professional practice in law in New South Wales, subject to completion of a recognised course in Practical Legal Training, which you'll be qualified for after you complete this course.

Science Majors -
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Business Information Systems
Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences
Climate Science
Cognitive and Brain...

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Depending on the Science major chosen, graduates may be employed in the following roles:

Agricultural project consultant
Environment protection...

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