Master of Laws

Macquarie University

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Masters Degree
1.0 year Full-Time
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Course Description

Oil spills. The conflict in Syria. Euthanasia. Our right to privacy. The law plays an integral role in managing how each of these issues and countless more across the globe are analysed, evaluated and resolved. The hallmark of this course is its recognition of the way legal frameworks underpin such global issues.

You'll learn about the law in its broader context, looking beyond law as a set of rules and procedures or as a technical qualification, and instead as something that has the power to shape lives. Through advancing your knowledge of law and upgrading your skills, you'll be well prepared to take the next step in your career.

Corporate and Commercial Law
Environmental Law
International Law
Social Justice


Our students obtain a well-rounded qualification that opens the way to the variety of careers for which an understanding of law is relevant, including legal...

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