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Course Description

Accounting is the language of business and the basis for effective decision-making. Not just 'crunching numbers' - accounting is vital to the success of every business, so an accounting qualification is a great basis for a range of careers.

You will build the technical and analytical skills to succeed in the profession, learning how to solve problems, analyse complex information, build strong client relationships and communicate effectively at all levels of business.

You may graduate having met the accredited requirements to practice as an accountant in Australia and New Zealand, ready for a rewarding career. Accountants are needed in large and small companies across all industries, and have the potential to take up a variety of roles or to work in any number of specialist areas or contexts.


Accountancy, Accounting, Business, Commerce.


The type of careers this qualification may lead to include; Financial accounting, Management accounting, Corporate finance, Taxation, Auditing, Financial...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Accounting Monash University based on 7 reviews
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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: Can learn accounting aspect more detail to work in the future

Negatives: It's hard and time consuming

My advice to future students is: Need to study regularly, make sure to understand the concept rather than memorize it

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June 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: Very interesting materials that are applicable for my future

Negatives: Classes are not that interesting due to minimal interactions between students to make the class more lively

My advice to future students is: Speak up more

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June 2018
Year completed 2019

Positives: The academic staff are all enthusiastic when they teach. The units are also interesting and its easy to relate one unit to another

Negatives: Nothing much

My advice to future students is: Start early. Dont underestimate the course.

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April 2018
Year completed 2018

Seems like it’ll be very helpful for future job prospects

Content heavy and HARD

My advice to future students is: WORK HARD IT AINT EASY

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February 2018
Year completed 2019

Positive aspects: Accounting gave you more than just number most of the time, it actually is a very fun subject to learn mostly because the teachers are engaging and through their use of real life examples it makes it easier for us as a student to understand

Negative aspects: One of the core units in accounting is coding, ...

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January 2018
Year completed 2016

Positive is that some lecturers and tutors were engaging and the content was structure very well, easy to put things together

Whereas some negative were the resources provided, Swinburne had the lecture slides on one side and teachers scribbles on the next, and you can see the teacher so you know where to follow


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January 2018
Year completed 2018

The course in itself is good but Monash not so much. I would like better infrastructure and technology

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