Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce Monash University

4.0 out of 5 from 4 reviews
Bachelor Honours Degree
5.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

Engineering with commerce is a powerful combination. Many engineers work in areas outside of engineering, such as management, banking and consulting, and many go on to become CEOs of major corporations. Almost 20 percent of CEOs of ASX100 companies are engineers.

The dual degree includes the engineering common first year, allowing you time to learn about engineering and its various branches before choosing an area of specialisation. In this year you will learn to apply your developing maths and science knowledge to real-life problems.

You will also select your commerce major after sampling from across the main disciplines. Think economics, finance, management, marketing or sustainability, or any other major that aligns with your career aspirations.

This course requires students to complete a total of 420 hours of continuous professional development, in order to graduate. This professional development may be...

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Commerce Majors:
Actuarial studies
Behavioural commerce
Business analytics
Business law

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce Monash University based on 4 reviews
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Student Reviews

August 2018
Year completed 2023

Positives: The course is structured in an easy to follow manner and the two degrees complement each other. Both courses are very practical and the learning is very hands on, allowing students to gain the most from their studies.

Negatives: As expected with an engineering degree it can be difficult at times, however this is...

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August 2018
Year completed 2021

Positives: Practical, hands on, real world, well organised, great lecturers, interesting content

Negatives: difficult theory, hard work, long hours, lots of group work

My advice to future students is: It is a great course if you are mathematically/scientifically minded, love learning real-world concepts, looking to lear...

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July 2018
Year completed 2018

Positives: Very strong community, plenty of free speech, lot of support

Negatives: Very out of date

My advice to future students is: Don't fall behind, once you give yourself a day off, there is no going back

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June 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: The double degree helps broaden career options. The knowledge gained from multidisciplinary studied makes you a well rounded person.
The common first year for both commerce and engineering help weigh the options and test waters before choosing a major

Negatives: The workload and difficulty increases significant...

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