Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Global Studies

Monash University

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Bachelor Honours Degree
94.0 ATAR
5.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
8,850 Annual Fees (Domestic)
40,200 Annual Fees (International)
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Course Description

This exciting double degree course is for students who aspire to be leaders in social change and wishing to fulfil the academic requirements for admission to practice as a lawyer in Australia. Combining the study of challenges confronting global communities, such as peace and conflict; the rich-poor gap; and crime and justice with studies in Law you will gain the skills to understand the complex challenges facing cultures and communities around the world and the opportunity to apply your knowledge to affect change.

Youwill gain the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue acareer in either field, separately, or to combine the two in your chosen work.

You will acquire a solid foundation in theconcepts, procedures and reasoning underpinning the Australian legal system andthe research, analytical and communication skills of the legal profession. The elective component gives youflexibility to choose from a wide range of specialist units. The opportunityexists to participate in international learning experiences, through on-campuscurricula and through off-campus international exchange and study abroadexperiences, internships locally and internationally and a clinical legal education program to undertake work-based learning.

Withthree global studies specialisations (International studies, Internationalrelations or Global cultural literacies — including a language) you have theopportunity to develop your capabilities and apply them in practical andprofessional real life contexts. You will gain a rich understanding of theinterplay of local, regional and global forces through focused studies, a broadrange of multidisciplinary electives and an overseas study component.

A key component of the Bachelor of Global Studies is the required period of study overseas that can be completed intensively, at aMonash international campus, or at a prestigious partner university. This combination enables you to not only think globally, but to also study in an international environment.

Global Studies majors -
Global cultural literacies
Human rights
International relations
International studies


As a graduate of this double degree, you will be prepared for diverse careers in and beyond the law, including work in politics and government; the environmental...

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