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Course Description

Examine Crime and Criminal Behaviour from a range of perspectives including law, science, sociology and psychology. You will learn to challenge common perceptions of crime and how to help victims and offenders in the criminal justice system.

You will develop a broad range of professional and personal skills, including the ability to think critically and creatively, apply knowledge, information and communicate effectively. These skills are widely sought after by employers in a broad range of industries.

Criminology will help you understand why people commit crimes, how we can prevent crime, and how we can improve the criminal justice system. Your own perceptions of crime and criminal behaviour will be challenged.


Majors under the Bachelor of Criminology can be done as a single major and/or as a double major, adding depth to your Bachelor of Criminology.
Criminal Behaviour...

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- Customs
- State or Federal
- Community Crime Prevention Officer
- State or Federal Security Agent


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Additional Information

Criminology students have the opportunity to participate in some exciting internship opportunities that count for credit towards thei...

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Student Reviews

June 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: Many positive aspects of the course, co-ordinators/lecturers are very available and easy to talk to, bit quirky, and keep lectures easy to listen to and not boring and many of the lecturers have had hands on experience within the field and sometimes give first hand examples to demonstrate points. Most of the conten...

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