Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Murdoch University

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Bachelor Honours Degree
4.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

Do you love bringing complicated ideas to life, exploring how things work, improving processes or simply imagining what's possible? As an engineer, you'll do just that to solve all kinds of problems - from the practical ones we face every day to major global issues.

And at Murdoch, you'll join a community of freethinkers who have been doing so since 1975. They've helped to design one of Australia's most iconic wind farms, use natural resources like lithium to change the way we use energy, find new ways to manage water, and recycle industrial waste to make plastic for medical use.

This kind of work needs new ways of thinking. That's where you come in. How will your thinking help to make the most of our natural resources through better mining and manufacturing processes, drive the renewable energy agenda, or even address climate change?

There's no limit to what engineers can achieve. You could be working in an established or emerging industry; in Australia or abroad; in a big city or a rural community; indoors or outdoors. And here's something else to consider: the engineering job you end up in may not even exist yet!

Hands-on means your mind's on. It's the best way to learn. That's why you'll gain 480 hours of work experience as part of your degree. And best of all, you'll be...

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Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Electrical Engineering (Industrial Computer Systems)
Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Control)

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You could pursue a career in:

Developing new energy sources
Finding new ways to turn raw materials into useful products
Improving how medical and healthcare...

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