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Positives: The content is generally really good. I feel like the course covers a range of topics and skills relevant to what we need in the real world when we start using the degree for work. The timetabling is pretty flexible and I have made good friends at uni.

Negatives: Some of the lecturers and Uni admin are awful, breaching disability acts, etc. The lecturers are also chosen based on their research which does not translate to good skills as a lecturer and can make for some really boring content and assessments that are not relevant or that are too vague in scope. It can be really hard to get help to challenge anything and even if you do it is usually too late to make any difference to your class

My advice to future students is: Make sure you know what you want to study and the possible pathways at the end. For example with psychology you can't work as a psychologist after an Undergraduate degree and you need high marks to do further study. It is amazing how many students start study, not realising what their options and pathways for work are at the end!

Completed in 2018

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I'm doing arts/science double degree.

Positives: Better Understanding of what and how and why it is the way it is. And provides a hope for further research into a greater world of science

My advice to future students is: Choose wisely on what interests you.

Completed in 2019

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I really enjoyed this course. I majored in History and felt that the course gave a good overview of different types of history and over a good time period. I completed units on everything from American Indian History to the Cold War. I was especially interested in Military History, predominantly from the Second World War and was lucky enough to be accepted into Honours. I was able to write my thesis on the Battle of the Coral Sea and found the process for Honours really good. It is a much more personal experience than the BA as you are working solely with a supervisor. Overall I would recommend a BA (History) to anyone interested in this field.

My advice to future students is: If you are interested in this course I would recommend that you have a specific career in mind as the BA majoring in History does not give you any qualifications which would guarantee you a job, you may have to continue your study and go into a related field i.e teaching. It does give you a nice overview of many historical topics and improve your English and research skills.

Completed in 2011

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