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I majored in Forensic Biology.

Positives: The lecturers are friendly, they believe in helping students as much as possible. They are well versed in their fields and make time to help students. Units follow on from from one another, and often interact with other units, allowing easier understanding and seamless transition between learning outcomes. Most of the time, the lectures are recorded, which is great for revision or when you miss a lecture. The course has a dedicated academic chair who oversees the unit, and is available to meet with you to discuss anything about the course, such as possible electives, and course progression. The final semester of study has ""capstone"" units, which summarise the whole course and give more practical applications

Negatives: The online server is a pain to navigate and often crashes around class selection time. When picking this course, staff don't inform you of the difficulty of getting a job in the field. Most of the ""fun"" practical stuff that draws students to the course isn't actually offered to until masters, eg. Blood splatter analysis, crime scene analysis

My advice to future students is: Think about whether you're truly wanting to do this, and not if you think you want to do this because it looks cool on TV shows like CSI or Bones. This is an amazingly interesting course, with some great potentials, but you have to be willing to stick it out for 3 years of your bachelors and then a further 2 years for your masters, and then you have to do really well to be able to find work, it's not something you should do if you just like the idea of being like someone from some crime show.

Completed in 2019

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I majored in Animal Science.

Positives: - The core units for the course and interesting and challenging
- Some of the staff members heavily involved with teaching this course are great lecturers and mentors
- The campus is laid back and relaxed
- The on-campus farm is a great learning tool for anyone studying this course

Negatives: - Murdoch are constanty changing the structure of the science courses and length of degrees
- This course felt very rushed and neglected, as it was a newer option
- This course was supposed to be an option to stream into the Vetinary Sciences, but I felt very disconnected from the Vet students and teachers throughout
- Animal Health and Animal Science are intended to be taken as a double major, so any student not interested in one side of this study path are left with an awkward timetable and little guidance

My advice to future students is: - Do plenty of research about Murdoch and what they plan to offer you in the time you’ll be there. Each year I was there, something new was offered or something had changed.
- If you intend to get into Vet, don’t feel pressured to begin at Murdoch. Study wherever suits you, work hard to achieve good grades and make useful contacts in the real world too!
- Pick up a minor or a second major. Animal Health on its own doesn’t have a large number of unit requirements, so use your extra units to your benefit.
- Try to find staff members you get along with or share common interests with and keep in contact with them. I would have benefited hugely from having more university references post graduation.

Completed in 2016

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I'm doing arts/science double degree.

Positives: Better Understanding of what and how and why it is the way it is. And provides a hope for further research into a greater world of science

My advice to future students is: Choose wisely on what interests you.

Completed in 2019

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1. Nice and friendly teachers and mates
2. Enrolment is difficult

My advice to future students is: Check out the campus and courses before enrol

Completed in 2018

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1. Top quality in Biomedical Research
2. Not quite flexible in enrolment and course structure

My advice to future students is: Be sure about course structure and study plan before enrol

Completed in 2019

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Positive: course content, good lecturers and support

My advice to future students is: Use what is available to you. There are heaps of facilities on campus, as well as a lot of financial scholarships and different support staff to help you through your degree

Completed in 2014

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Really enjoy the course. Better then I expected. I am very excited to finish after one more year and hopefully attain a full time job as a park ranger or a park managment role

Completed in 2019

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The negative is that the subjects you have to do first year are kind of boring. The positive is that a lot of the other courses are a field I'm very interested in.

My advice to future students is: Just get through first year and it'll get more fun.

Completing in 2020

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Great lecturers, fieldwork experience and good laboratory setting

My advice to future students is: To research about the course and talk to current professionals in the market to gain a better insight about their current interest in the field

Completed in 2015

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