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Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology - Navitas College of Public Safety is a great academic institution. I loved being a student there and am pleased to have graduated from my degree.

However criticisms of this college is that they don't excel in flexibility class times via online portals are essential which is rather challenging when you live and work. Some classes fall on the dinner mark while others are in the afternoon commute - but failure to attend results in failure of subject.

The other issue i had with Navitas is that their extention process is not really easily. Being granted an extention is hard and has to have valid documentation to receive it. They are big on policy - ie must use college email to communicate which is frustrating when you can't app it to your phone.

Short semesters and quick turn arounds in subjects is really good but it does mean you are under a lot of pressure. Their quality of teachers can be really good or at the opposite are really bad. I had some of the best lecturers but then i also experienced some of the worst - as in young people lecturing people with more life experience.

Navitas is a very expensive college to attend as well and while text books are not essential when purchased they rack up in price as well. By all means if you want to live a structured life then this is 100 per cent the course for you. It would suit people new to university but not people who have a lot of life commitments.

My advice to future students - Navitas is great college but bare in mind cost, shop around if your not in a rush to get a degree and if you want flexibility this is not the college for you. Be prepared to be treated more like a school student than a uni student. definitely consider other options first.

Completed in 2016

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