Bachelor of Creative Industries QUT

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Bachelor Degree
3.0 years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
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Course Description

We are a global leader in the creative industries with an established reputation for industry links, creative practice and innovation.

This course equips you with the creative skills, knowledge and connections to pursue a career in the creative industries and beyond. You’ll be prepared for the real world with studio-based learning, skills in entrepreneurship, real industry challenges, work integrated learning (WIL) opportunities and links to creative start-ups. Options to study and combine different creative disciplines can expand your professional network and help you identify or create your own exciting career path.

You will follow a core pathway that develops your skills, expertise, knowledge and experience, with a focus on:

creative professional identity
career development and entrepreneurship
creative thinking and innovation
project management
industry partnerships and networking
interdisciplinary work.
The course offers flexibility by allowing you to choose a combination of study areas to suit your individual creative interests and career aspirations. To complement your chosen major, you may select a second major from creative industries or across all our courses, to develop depth of knowledge and skills in two discipline areas. Alternatively, you might prefer to develop a wide breath of knowledge across several discipline areas by adding minors and unit options (electives) to your chosen creative industries major.


Creative and Professional Writing
Media and Communication
Drama and Performance
Fashion Communication
Interactive and Visual Design
Music and...

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Branding Specialist
Campaign Manager
Communication Strategist
Creative Entrepreneur
Creative Writer
Digital Communication Specialist
Digital Content...

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Average ratings for Bachelor of Creative Industries QUT based on 9 reviews
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Student Reviews

July 2018
Year completed 2018

Positives: The positive aspects of the course are that you are able to pick from a really wide range of study areas. So you can do second majors and minors in all different creative and business areas that are totally different from your major. Eg. major - film and television, second major - interior design

Negatives: Ther...

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July 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: Some good lecturers, access to good resources on campus, good staff support if needed, clear course outlines

Negatives: Rubbish course content, mandatory core subjects that were irrelevant to the degree, no actual skills development, no actual learning, the course was NOT as advertised (it did NOT teach real-wor...

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June 2018
Year completed 2017

Positives: studying the bachelor of creative industries gives you full autonomy over what sectors you want to study. you get to mix and match creative sectors that you excel at and you get to graduate having excelled in different areas. this means you get to do 2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors. The best part is that no matter...

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May 2018
Year completed 2014

Positives: You do get to make a film once.

Negatives: Irrelevant subjects, out of date tutors and lecturers, lack of hands on experience.

My advice to future students is: Get practical experience rather than studying in this field.

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April 2018
Year completed 2020

Positives: Good support

Negatives: Very fast paced

My advice to future students is: Keep it cool

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April 2018
Year completed 2008

Positives: There was a lot of freedom in subject selection, allowing you to cater to your interests.

Negatives: Not a super useful qualification.

My advice to future students is: Know what your end goal is before you start studying.

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April 2018
Year completed 2018

Positives: The course allows for a lot of customisation when it comes to the specific classes and majors you can choose. There's an incredibly large list of majors to choose from, like Drama, Writing, Dance, and so on. Being able to tailor your course to your own needs is fantastic and lets you study only what you need to.


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February 2018
Year completed 2021

Positive, it’s a broad range of info and units so I have a broad range of career options but it’s hard because I don’t know what I to do with it and some of the information feels like I need to know what I’m doing already

My advice to future students is: If you can, figure out what you want before you study

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February 2018
Year completed 2020

Creative Industries core subjects are terrible and I feel like I am gaining zero real world knowledge and experience. However specialised major subjects are all amazing and the tutors and lecturers are all super helpful and knowledgeable

My advice to future students is: Enrol in a bachelor of fine arts instead

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